Here is where I go to to get some of my gear.

Wolf Eyes – Where I go for my torches, Wolf Eyes provide a great range of tactical torches that are built to withstand the demands of people who need to depend on their torches.

JapanExposures – Where I go for my exotic film needs, sadly the in todays day film is getting harder to get, thanks to Japan Exposures I can get my hands on films that simply aren’t available locally.

Protog (formerly Servaas Products) РWhere I go for all my battery needs, Servaas products provides a great range of high power batteries and rechargers.

Phottix – Where I go for my remotes and other accessories



ByThom – Great place to find a well written, objective look at Nikon products

NikonRumors – Great place to have a look at some of the rumours that are flying around, but be aware that rumours are just that and there are no guarantees.

Memory Card Speeds – Check for the best memory cards to use with your camera.

DXOmark – Compare cameras RAW based image quality. – comprehensive and consistent reviews of SLR lenses

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