Month in Review: July 2017

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Time flies, time to try to catch up. Here are some images taken during July 2017. Only a small album as I was overseas for almost half the month. As always these are taken as part of my 365 Project. Click through for more images and larger.


Month in Review: May 2017

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Another month past, another chance to look back on a busy period in my life. May 2017, was a big one, on top of the working and teaching we also moved. Moving is never fun, but at the same time it is an opportunity to sift through the mess that is life and shed some of the junk that has been collected.

As always these were taken for my 365Project, click through for larger and more.



Month in Review: March 2017

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Another month has flown past, and April has almost escaped me. There has been lots to share, so it is easy to have almost missed the miscellaneous images from my 365 Project.

Here are some more images! As always, click through for larger and more.



Month In Review: January 2017

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Very overdue, it is already March. I guess I should just share some images.

So here are some images from my 365 Project that reveal some of my very busy January 2017.

As always, click through for larger and more.


Bowral December 2016

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Another overdue post, but here are some images from my getaway to Bowral over the silly season. The Sony A7 was on photo duties


Film: Long Overdue, HP5 2015, ACROS 2016

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It has been a while since I have had any film developed, this does not mean I have not been shooting film. I have been and have been throwing the exposed film back into the fridge. However, I recently managed to get some film processed. So here are some images.

First up are a few images taken with my Leica M3 using some Ilford HP5+. It has been so long since these were taken that I am not even sure what lenses did the heavy lifting.


Next up is some Fuji ACROS 100 taken using my Fuji TX-1 (Hasselblad Xpan). These were taken mid 2016.


Then there is some more ACROS 100 from 2016. The Olympus Mju II did the work for these ones.