Merry Christmas 2012

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Just wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS (or commercial holiday) and hope you all have a great break to recharge and get ready for the 2013. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves this festive season.

Film: Neopan ACROS November 2012

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This week I am presenting images…..don’t get too used to this as this roll of film has been sitting in my girlfriend’s Nikon FE2 since last year and I had to work pretty hard to finish off the roll. Think of this as an early Christmas surprise.

These were taken in and around Sydney over the space of a few weeks, and in some ways show you what I have been up to. As always click through to see larger and explore the rest of the set.



PS this will be my last real time post for the year….and hopefully I will be back with stories, thoughts and images some time in January.

That Time of Year: Xmas Buildup

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Now that Halloween (31 Oct), Remembrance Day (11-Nov, to mark the end of the Great War) and Thanksgiving (for those of you that celebrate this occasion) have come and gone, the build up towards the annual Christmas celebrations have started. By this week the shops have all put out the festive wares for this commercial holiday, and throughout shopping centres you are blasted with festive songs. For some of you it will this time of year is a religious meaning, for others it is a time to catch up with family, for the retail industry it is the time of year where the most business is done. Why am I writing about this? Christmas is the time that I usually call a break from my blog (often cheating and pre-setting the usual celebratory messages) this year will be the same, I will most likely take a few weeks off later this month and possibly have a larger catch up post in the new year.


This week I have to report a few things, mainly changes in the line up as I have a late addition for the year and a few cameras that look like they may spend the festive season away from home.

Firstly, I would like to welcome my newest acquisition the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.5 LTM, my first (second if you count my Leitz Elmar 50mm f/2.8 body cap) rangefinder lens. This lens is already finding a home with my Olympus E-P3 and will hopefully soon meet its intended partner my Leica M3 which is currently away with the Leitz 50mm for a CLA (Clean Lubricate Adjust). Unfortunately the Leica is not the only camera that is currently away with my beloved D300 also off with the technicians after it was found petrified. Both the Leica and the Nikon may still make it back for Christmas but at this point in time I am not holding my breath.


Hopefully I will be posting more images in the next week.


Black Borders

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Just in case you noticed, I have made the migration to  black borders as I have been finding that black borders are less intrusive and therefore easier on the eyes.

Month in Review: August 2012

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Another month has flown past. It has been an eventful month for me, both personally and photographically, with a major lifestyle change (the return to being a student) and the arrival of many new toys. I even managed to take some time off in between and get out to take some images.

Before I let loose with the 365 Project images, here are some of the images from the weekend, which I spent with another visit to Cockatoo Island and the Biennale of Sydney.


Followed by some of the miscellaneous images captured as part of the process of completing my 365 Project.



Back….HK/Macau/Singapore…pictures to come

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As I mentioned in my last post I was taking a break. Well I just thought I would let you all know that I am back after a few weeks travelling overseas. It has been a great few weeks, and my bank account as well as my credit card don’t like me at the moment. What this means is that there was great food, awesome experiences and some new bits to add to the arsenal.

Watch this space as photos will be going up very soon.