Month In Review: August 2015

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Another month has passed, life is still just as busy but I am still taking photos. If forced to make a decision I would definitely prefer to be about and about with a camera than behind a computer editing. This means I am currently sitting on a lot of undeveloped film from the last year or so and hoping that when I finally get around to having it all developed I am able to get the scans cleaned as quickly as possible with the minimum effort. I love film but the workload makes it difficult to process and edit in a timely fashion.

Enough complaining, I should have some film posted soon, but in the mean time here are some miscellaneous images taken during August for the 365Project. The bulk of these images have been shot with my Sony A7 and my Nikon J1. As always click though for larger and to see the rest of the images.


Month In Review: July 2015

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Another month has escaped me, time really is flying past, and I have been busy. However I have managed to keep up with my 365 Project, but here are some of the images from the month that were taken for this project, including the miscellaneous ones that didnt quite make the cut.

As always click on the images for larger and to view the rest of the album


Month In Review: March 2014

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Another month has blown past, and an interesting month it has been. As per my usual practice I thought I would quickly revisit the month with a review of the miscellaneous images that I have taken that have not fit anywhere else. Many of these will have been featured in my 365Project, but others would other wise fall through the gaps. Looking back there has been plenty of food, some street roaming and some street art as well as random documentation of my daily life.

As always, click through to view larger and to explore the full set.


Welcome 2014

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I have to admit that I have taken a much longer break than I normally do, but in my defense it has been necessary. I have been, for a very long time, feeling like this blog has been a chore, the time off has let me work out just how important it is to me. So with that said I think I will spend 2014 creating a balance between posting regularly and posting when I want to, that means I will not be sticking to a once a week schedule but posting when I have something to share, this may mean I post multiple times a week, or it may be a few weeks between posts. Thanks for understanding.

With the formalities done with I will share some of the images captured late 2013. As always click through for larger images, and to explore the associated galleries

First up are some images from a trip down to Kiama.



Next we have some images from Bilpin


…then some images from around the Sydney CBD


…and then some images from the Blue Mountains



…not be missed some images from Stanwell Park


Time Off

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Another week has gone past and with great relief I am drawing my year of blogging to a close. As per usual I will be taking a few weeks off from updates, other than a pre-scheduled celebratory post or two. Unfortunately I am not a bearer of gifts so I will sign off this year with a few of my latest 365Project images. With a bit of luck I will get away and take some more images in the coming weeks and be back online mid-to-late January 2014 with plenty to share.

Till next time….



Happy New Year. Welcome 2013

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Another year has passed, and hopefully I am still out and about celebrating the coming of 2013 when this gets published. I hope everyone has had a fulfilling 2012 and an action packed 2013.