Month in Review: December 2017

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Hopefully everyone has had a safe and happy silly season, and now that 2018 is already starting to escape us, we are all falling back into the reality of life.

Catching up a little as I have been away and travelling over most of December. Not too much to share but here are a few images from December 2017. It is probably best to check out my 365 Project for a better over view as most of the images for December have come from my Bavarian adventures.

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Month In Review: November 2017

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Here a quick few images from my 365 Project in November, some are featured others are spares. Click through for more and larger.


Month In Review: October 2017

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This year is really getting away from me, December is here already! Here are some images from my daily wanderings in October. Once again some of these are part of my 365 Project, others are spares.


Month in Review: September 2017

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September is now behind us and Spring is making itself felt. Here are some of the random daily images from September 2017,  some of these will be featured on my ongoing 365Project, others will be spares that only appear here.

As always, click through for larger and more.


Month in Review: August 2017

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Another month past, and another month delay before posting this. Here are some of the random daily images taken during August as part of my ongoing 365Project.

As always, click through for larger and more.


Sublime Point August 2017

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Just realised that I have been neglecting this blog, almost as much as I have been neglecting taking photos. Anyhow, here are some images taken up at Sublime Point in the Blue Mountains. The Nikon D700 did the hard work, funny how a camera that is almost 10yrs old as a model still holds up so well.