Sublime Point and Bombo

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It has bee a few weeks since my last update, time has gotten the better of me but I have been out and about taking photos. I prefer to spend my time out and about than writing blogs, for this I must apologise. However, the time has come for me to provide a quick update with lots of pictures.

A fortnight back, despite the weather we headed up to the Blue Mountains; to get away from the city and partially to  see if we could catch some of the frost that the cold snap brought with it. Thew result was an oppotunity to visit Sublime Point and try to catch the sisters as they peeped through the cloud, mist and fog.


This weekend, just passed presented a long overdue opportunity for a proper expedition. This was an early start for sunrise a Bombo Quarry. Whilst the weather was calm and the swell non-existant there were good photos to be taken. Time permitted a trip up to the Southern Highlands and a visit to Mt Gibralter. It has been too long since I have had the opportunity to take a day long expedition focused soley on photography.


Where are the lenses?

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Unfortunately it has been another photographically challenged week for me but a conversation with a friend has raised a few questions that I thought I would pose and vent about for this weeks post.

As a you know, as of the last 12 months I have been falling further and further into love with mirrorless cameras with the addition of the Nikon J1 and the Olympus E-P3 into my kit bag. These cameras have well and truly displaced my DSLR’s from my everyday bags, and has even forced the venerable Samsung EX1 into hiding.

For awhile now I have been considering selling up and moving completely to a mirrorless system, however a friends recent plea for advice in choosing a versatile, bright zoom lens for her Panasonic has lead me to quickly realise that mirrorless users have it worse off then even APS-C and FourThirds users.

There are currently a few prevalent mirrorless systems;

  • Olympus/Panasonic Micro FourThirds (2x crop)
  • Sony NEX (E-Mount, 1.5x crop)
  • Fuji (X-mount, 1.5x crop)
  • Nikon 1 (CX, 2.7x crop)
  • Samsung NX (1.5x crop)
  • Canon EOS-M (1.6x crop)


If we look at the lenses available for these systems, some a better equipped than others but the choices of bright, versatile zoom lenses is seriously lacking. The only bright, standard zoom lenses available in all of htese mounts are the Pansonic 12-35mm f/2.8 (24-70mm equiv) and the Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8-4 (27-82.5mm equiv) and a promised but yet to be released Samsung 16-50mm f/2.8 (24-75mm equiv). So between six different systems and seven different manufacturers we have one mediocre fast standard zoom (Pansonic), one promised fast standard zoom (Samsung) and a half-effort fast standard zoom (Fuji). However if we compare the available arsenal of prime lenses all of these systems have at least one stand out prime, if not more.

This surely must indicate that there is a serious lack of lenses available for anyone hoping to build a kit that includes a fast zoom. The M4/3 are the best equipped lens wise but they only have the Panasonic duo of the 12-35mm f/2.8 and 35-100 f/2.8 and the 12-35 is nothing to write home about. Worse still, the 35-100mm f/2.8 represents the sole mirrorless fast telephoto available.

This leaves us in a bizarre situation where we have great camera bodies (Olympus E-M5, Sony NEX-6, Fuji X-E1, Samsung NX 20 etc) and very few decent zoom lenses for those of us who are not so prime inclined.

Food for thought, but where are our ‘enthusiast/pro’ zooms?



EDIT: Thom Hogan wrote on a similar vein earlier in 2013 he has some interesting numbers and writes some good points regarding the need for more lenses

Welcome 2013!

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I have to admit that after a full week at work I felt guilty for not getting back and posting sooner. With work seeming to march on with the new year it was only fair that I get this blog back on track. I have had a bit of time away now and there has been some work done and photos taken whilst I have been away. Unlike last year I think I am going to start 2013 with a BIG post with lots of photos.

Firstly, it is only fair if I round out 2012. However I will leave my Month in Review post for later, instead I thought I would start by sharing some of the last images I took in 2012. To get the ball rolling here are some images that were taken on Christmas Eve, when I found myself roaming around Sydney with my tripod and D700. It was great to have time, but at the same time I felt like I was very much out of the loop, struggling to find rhythm.


Here are product style images of one of my awesome Christmas gifts! My girlfriend bought me a Gigabyte AIVA Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard….definitely the best keyboard I have used to date…and once you go to mechanical…rubber domes are just not good enough (work keyboard sucks!!)


Forward we march into 2013. Fortunately I decided to avoid the NYE madness so the first images I have to share this year are from a walk around Manly and the Rocks culminating in a trip up to the South Pylon of Sydney’s Coathanger (Sydney Harbour Bridge). This was a film day so I was light on digital gear, with only the E-P3, but film should be uploaded soon.


Moving forward there was Sydney Festival’s opening night. Sadly this year they scaled back on the festivities in the city, and not being keen on being stuck out at the Domain I only did a quick trip into Darling Harbour and snapped a few images of this year’s icon…the GIANT Rubber Duck.


Finally, I will round out this LONG post with a favourite of mine….unlike myself, Vanessa Raspa kicked off her 2013 with a performance at the Cafe Lounge last week. A familiar venue, and a great night out.


Playing Tourist

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Over the last week I have been playing tourist whilst accompanying some visiting family around Sydney. It has been a long overdue spell of time off and an opportunity to look at my home town through the someone else’s eyes. Over the course of the week I was revisited by my travel bug, challenged to explore my home town from another point of view and let myself experience the joys of Sydney as a Tourist.

However, unlike a tourist I was able to access virtually any camera and lens in my arsenal, but after a few days of lugging around my D700 I found myself throwing the Olympus E-P3 and/or Nikon J1 into the bag. As a bit of a treat, I also found myself taking plenty of images with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to post directly to Facebook, and as a result I have included those images as well.

A twist from my usual, and a refreshing week for me. Here are some images from my adventures of playing the tourist. (NOTE: there will be lots of food photos….I guess I am a bit of a food lover and cannot resist recording my meals)


Updated: Nikon Roadmap

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It has come to my attention that the Nikon D3100 does not sport a derivative of the 14.2MP EXMOR sensor that is currently in use within the Sony NEX/A33/A560 cameras, but a wholly Nikon designed and  built unit that is slightly smaller with a 1.55x crop compared to the traditional 1.52x crop of the Sony derived sensors that have been used in the past.

This does make the possibility of a 14.2MP D90 replacement more likely if Nikon does not have the capabilities to fabricate two mass market sensors. Nikon has never mass produced a sensor to the scale that would be needed to supply the production of the D3100, and the added need for a second sensor for a D90 replacement could be a big ask. I simply dont know if they can do it. Maybe they can!

For the full article (updated of course) read here.

ARTICLE: Camera Bags

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Ever wondered what to look for when buying a camera bag? Want to find out what others are using? Does the perfect bag exist?

It is often the small things that we forget about when we buy our nice new cameras. I have seen to too often that people have spent a lot of money on their new DSLR and lens that they have had to leave the all important bag for another day. Why is the bag important? What to look for?

The camera bag is the home that our treasured toy resides, its purpose is to store and protect our cameras and lenses. It is the home of all our accessories, it is the cause of frustration when we cant fit that new addition in. Whatever shape or size the humble camera bag is important. This leads to the second question, what to look for in a good camera bag?

The single word answer is COMPROMISE. What? Compromise? Unfortunately camera bags are not perfect (if you find this holy grail then please let me know!). There are in fact three things to balance out with any camera bag… on