Welcome 2014

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I have to admit that I have taken a much longer break than I normally do, but in my defense it has been necessary. I have been, for a very long time, feeling like this blog has been a chore, the time off has let me work out just how important it is to me. So with that said I think I will spend 2014 creating a balance between posting regularly and posting when I want to, that means I will not be sticking to a once a week schedule but posting when I have something to share, this may mean I post multiple times a week, or it may be a few weeks between posts. Thanks for understanding.

With the formalities done with I will share some of the images captured late 2013. As always click through for larger images, and to explore the associated galleries

First up are some images from a trip down to Kiama.



Next we have some images from Bilpin


…then some images from around the Sydney CBD


…and then some images from the Blue Mountains



…not be missed some images from Stanwell Park


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