Welcome 2013!

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I have to admit that after a full week at work I felt guilty for not getting back and posting sooner. With work seeming to march on with the new year it was only fair that I get this blog back on track. I have had a bit of time away now and there has been some work done and photos taken whilst I have been away. Unlike last year I think I am going to start 2013 with a BIG post with lots of photos.

Firstly, it is only fair if I round out 2012. However I will leave my Month in Review post for later, instead I thought I would start by sharing some of the last images I took in 2012. To get the ball rolling here are some images that were taken on Christmas Eve, when I found myself roaming around Sydney with my tripod and D700. It was great to have time, but at the same time I felt like I was very much out of the loop, struggling to find rhythm.


Here are product style images of one of my awesome Christmas gifts! My girlfriend bought me a Gigabyte AIVA Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard….definitely the best keyboard I have used to date…and once you go to mechanical…rubber domes are just not good enough (work keyboard sucks!!)


Forward we march into 2013. Fortunately I decided to avoid the NYE madness so the first images I have to share this year are from a walk around Manly and the Rocks culminating in a trip up to the South Pylon of Sydney’s Coathanger (Sydney Harbour Bridge). This was a film day so I was light on digital gear, with only the E-P3, but film should be uploaded soon.


Moving forward there was Sydney Festival’s opening night. Sadly this year they scaled back on the festivities in the city, and not being keen on being stuck out at the Domain I only did a quick trip into Darling Harbour and snapped a few images of this year’s icon…the GIANT Rubber Duck.


Finally, I will round out this LONG post with a favourite of mine….unlike myself, Vanessa Raspa kicked off her 2013 with a performance at the Cafe Lounge last week. A familiar venue, and a great night out.


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