Playing Tourist

Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 | No Comments

Over the last week I have been playing tourist whilst accompanying some visiting family around Sydney. It has been a long overdue spell of time off and an opportunity to look at my home town through the someone else’s eyes. Over the course of the week I was revisited by my travel bug, challenged to explore my home town from another point of view and let myself experience the joys of Sydney as a Tourist.

However, unlike a tourist I was able to access virtually any camera and lens in my arsenal, but after a few days of lugging around my D700 I found myself throwing the Olympus E-P3 and/or Nikon J1 into the bag. As a bit of a treat, I also found myself taking plenty of images with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to post directly to Facebook, and as a result I have included those images as well.

A twist from my usual, and a refreshing week for me. Here are some images from my adventures of playing the tourist. (NOTE: there will be lots of food photos….I guess I am a bit of a food lover and cannot resist recording my meals)


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