ARTICLE: Camera Bags

Posted by on Aug 1, 2010 | No Comments

Ever wondered what to look for when buying a camera bag? Want to find out what others are using? Does the perfect bag exist?

It is often the small things that we forget about when we buy our nice new cameras. I have seen to too often that people have spent a lot of money on their new DSLR and lens that they have had to leave the all important bag for another day. Why is the bag important? What to look for?

The camera bag is the home that our treasured toy resides, its purpose is to store and protect our cameras and lenses. It is the home of all our accessories, it is the cause of frustration when we cant fit that new addition in. Whatever shape or size the humble camera bag is important. This leads to the second question, what to look for in a good camera bag?

The single word answer is COMPROMISE. What? Compromise? Unfortunately camera bags are not perfect (if you find this holy grail then please let me know!). There are in fact three things to balance out with any camera bag… on

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