Nikon DSLR Map July 2010

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Interested in when new Nikon DSLRs will arrive? I know I get asked often, so I sat down and had a look to see if I can extrapolate what will arrive when based on the design trends and release patterns that Nikon have used.

In short the soonest we should get:

  • D4 – Q311
  • D3Xs – Q410
  • D4X – Q412
  • D700X or D700s or both – Q310
  • D800 – Q312
  • D400 – Q111
  • D90s or D90 replacement – Q310 or Q112
  • D5000 replacement – Q410 but this troubles me
  • D3000 replacement – Q111

Want to see why? Have a read of the full article to find out.

Nikon DSLR Map, July 2010

Nikon DSLR Map, July 2010

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  1. Alfred Tsang
    July 5, 2010

    It seems accurate and the d700s model should explain why the d700 isn’t listed as a prize for the Nikon Photo Contest.

    Eager to see what the d4 will offer!

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