Exmor R vs SuperCCD HR an Incomplete Comparison

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Firstly I have to apologise for the lack of activity lately. I present the excuses of a higher than normal workload followed by some pretty nasty sickness. However, I did put together the beginnings of a comparison between Sony’s Exmor R (circa 2010) sensor and Fujifilm’s 8th Generation SuperCCD HR (circa 2008).

Fuji’s SuperCCD technology has long been the benchmark setting sensor in the compact camera market, producing the amazing F30/F31 (2006) compacts that have ISO performance that the compact cameras of 2010 are only starting to match. The technology has evolved quite greatly over the years culminating in the major redesign in 2008/9 to produce the current generation SuperCCD EXR, but the oversized octagonal photosites aligned at 45 deg remain.

Sony’s Exmor R sensor takes traditional CMOS and puts it on its head, literally. Traditional CMOS sensors have layers of circuitry overlaying the photosites, as you can imagine this is rather inefficient in capturing light. The Exmor R sensor has this reversed, it is the first backlit CMOS (ie. the circuitry in under the photosites) that has been mass produced.

These two technologies promise better light gathering abilities. As a long time Fuji user and the owner of a Fujifilm Finepix F100fd which utilises an 8th generation SuperCCD HR, I was keen to test the abilities of Sony’s Exmor R sensor, as a result I found myself the owner of a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX5. Unfortunately I have yet been able to source a SuperCCD EXR sensor for comparison, but lets see how 2yr old SuperCCD technology stacks up against Exmor R…..more


  • Hey dude!

    Nice comparison, too bad the autoexposure biased differently, otherwise this would have been an even better examination =D

    personally, i like the way the Sony handles those high contrast situations that are moreso biased on the shadow end, like that hallway. The sony to me, clearly outperforms the fuji, yet in all other tests the fuji is clearly the better of the two.

    Overall, after seeing those HDR progressions, i’d have to say.. personally i like the colors from the Sony in that regard, but in terms of a gerenal all use camera, i find that the F100 has a more potent reliability factor.

    cheers for the overview =D.. looks like i’ll be getting that F70EXR then LOL

  • aim54x

    Thanks Marcus,

    It was very interesting to see how different the exposure bias was. Now I really want to get out there and take some more shots with both cameras. Shame that neither has a manual mode so I can control that exposure for a more accurate comparison.

    Love the Fuji look personally, and with the tunnel, the Fuji was at 800 ISO whereas the Sony was at 320 ISO so I am pretty confused as to why.


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