Month In Review: April 2015

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The fourth month of 2015 has crept past, and we are already deep into May. I guess it is as good a time as ever to share the pictures from April. On the positive side of things, despite my inability to post regularly, the 365 Project is still going well.

As always, click through for larger and more.


ANZAC Day 2015

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Lest We Forget. This year marks 100 years since the original ANZAC troops waded ashore it Gallipoli and Australia faced its baptism of fire. Although a century has passed, today we find that Australia has troops deployed across the globe and the tradition of celebrating the return of our servicemen and servicewomen as relevant and important as ever.

I was lucky enough to snap some images from behind the scenes of the annual ANZAC day march in Sydney.


Wentworth Falls Lake, Autumn Colours

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A few weeks back I managed to sneak off to take some photos. The weather was fine and autumn had started to take hold, bringing with it cooler weather and nice colours. Here are some of the pics.


A Wet Walk in the Rocks

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I finally managed to get away from the madness of the office thanks to the Easter weekend. Unfortunately, the weather did not want to play nice so it ended up being a very wet walk testing the weather resistance of my Nikon. The wet weather did keep the tourists at bay and provided plenty of opportunities to play with reflections.


Month in Review: March 2015

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Another month as blown past, and yet I am still surviving on sporadic internet at home. However the point of this post is to share the pictures that I have been taking to keep my 365 Project afloat. As always these images, more than anything else, show a snapshot into my daily life. Click through for larger and to see the rest of the set.


Night Shooting, Low and Slow with the A7

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I have to admit that it has been awhile since I have been able to get out and about with the tripod and a camera. With my partner visiting family and a late finish at work I decided to pack the tripod and go for a roam with the Sony ILCE-7 (aka A7), SEL2470z and the CV12/5.6. This kit was both lightweight, fun and it certainly delivers in the image quality department.

Not too many images, a few from my local coffee shop then some in the city and finally a walk through the park (Hyde Park) made for some easy pictures.