McMahon’s Pool and Random Film

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Just to finish off sharing the last images that I took in March I thought I would share some images captured in yet another didn’t go to plan sunrise adventure. Taking advantage of the timing (nearing the end of Daylight Savings Time means late sunrises) I have been trying to get back into the swing of capturing the rising sun. This time we were at McMahon’s Pool, and I was hoping to make up for the gross failure of my last outing out with the Sony A65, this time I had the right adapter rings for my grad ND’s and the right tripod; for what it is worth, there is no RRS L-bracket for the Sony A65, so I have had to get a generic one, which unfortunately slips right through the lever clamp of my RRS BH-40LR ball head, hence the Sirui K10X had to be used. However, nature was not on our side, it decided to rain on us just as the sun was about to rise. None the less I captured a few images in the pre-dawn darkness and in that twilight just before the sun rises.


I also finished off the month of March with the return of another roll of film. This roll of Rollei RPX 400 was one that has resided in my partner’s Nikon FE2 for almost a year, so I took it upon myself to finish it off and get it developed. Mainly street stuff.


Forgotten Film – ACROS Oct 2013, Neopan 400 Nov 2013

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I just realised that I have forgotten to share images from two rolls of film, so here are some images taken on my Hasselblad 503CX with Fujifilm ACROS 100 back in October 2013.



Here are some images taken with Fujifilm Neopan 400 and my Klasse W back in November 2013. These were primarily taken during my trip to Perth and Fremantle.


Month In Review: March 2014

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Another month has blown past, and an interesting month it has been. As per my usual practice I thought I would quickly revisit the month with a review of the miscellaneous images that I have taken that have not fit anywhere else. Many of these will have been featured in my 365Project, but others would other wise fall through the gaps. Looking back there has been plenty of food, some street roaming and some street art as well as random documentation of my daily life.

As always, click through to view larger and to explore the full set.


Mountains, Visitors and Food

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I have been a bit light on photos lately, but I have been also stringing out my posts. So this week I have a few small sets to share.

First up are some close ups of a reptilian visitor that I came home to, taken with my Sigma EX DG APO 180mm f/3.5 HSM Macro with a bit of flash.


Then some fine Sushi, Nikon 1 J1. I don’t often post food but I did get a bit bored whilst my friends were ordering so there are a few other images.


Finishing up with some photos that almost ended up in tears, a recent trip up into the Blue Mountains that proved my cardio deficiencies and almost saw us getting caught in a storm. We got through a bit damp and with a few images, including the big stopper long exposure that finished just as the rain started bucketing down.


Roaming the Streets

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Just sharing some photos from a semi recent roam through the streets of Sydney’s CBD.


As always click through for larger and to explore the whole album.

Sunrise – Coogee 8 March 2014

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Another early morning, another set of sunrise photos, this time at Coogee Beach. This time of year is probably amongst the best for these early morning outings as the weather is mild and the sunrise relatively late. These were taken with my D700 and a variety of lenses. There is some nice BigStopper action as well.


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