Sublime Point and Bombo

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It has bee a few weeks since my last update, time has gotten the better of me but I have been out and about taking photos. I prefer to spend my time out and about than writing blogs, for this I must apologise. However, the time has come for me to provide a quick update with lots of pictures.

A fortnight back, despite the weather we headed up to the Blue Mountains; to get away from the city and partially to  see if we could catch some of the frost that the cold snap brought with it. Thew result was an oppotunity to visit Sublime Point and try to catch the sisters as they peeped through the cloud, mist and fog.


This weekend, just passed presented a long overdue opportunity for a proper expedition. This was an early start for sunrise a Bombo Quarry. Whilst the weather was calm and the swell non-existant there were good photos to be taken. Time permitted a trip up to the Southern Highlands and a visit to Mt Gibralter. It has been too long since I have had the opportunity to take a day long expedition focused soley on photography.


Vivid Sydney 2015

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Looking back at the images that I have on file but have yet to share I discovered that I still had the Vivid Sydney images that I managed to take in the last week of May. Whilst many flock to this annual event I am becoming steadily less excited by it every year, I guess you can have too much of a good thing. I suspect I will probably leave the camera at home next year. However, here are a few images that I took over the two occaisions I headed out there, once with the Nikon J1 and the other with the Sony A7.


Month in Review: May and June 2015…Back from a long absence

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It has been a long time between posts, probably oneof the longest breaks that i have taken unannounced. Life has been a bit crazy over the last few months and it looks to continue. The end of May was a bit of blur and most of June was spent in Europe: Gothenburg, Stockholm and London (lots of pictures to come) and on top it it all was the usual 365 Project images. To help catch up have decided to post images from both May and June in one hit.
Life in May (which has become a bit of a blur for me). As always click through for larger and for the rest of the album.


June’s collection is a lot smaller with a lot of images for the 365 Project being extracted from my Europe pictures which I am still editing and sorting.


Chasing Water, Belmore and Bombo

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Over the last two weekends I have been able to get out and about with the camera. Partly because I have needed to relax, and partly to get back into the groove with taking photos as I have been feeling out of practice lately. However, the theme for the last fortnight has been chasing water:

Belmore Falls


Bombo – I was also testing the Tiffen ApeX IR blocking 10-stop ND


As always, click through to see larger and to explore more photos.

Wine Country, Centennial Vineyards April 2015

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A few weeks ago I managed to slip away from the city and enjoy a drive down to the Southern Highlands to visit another, less well known, wine producing area that is an easy day trip from Sydney. In particular we visited the Centennial Vineyards, indulging in a coffee in front of their log fire before plundering their cellar to stock up mine.

We then proceeded to take the coast road home, stopping off at Sublime Point to enjoy the views on the relatively clear day and finished the day with a few quick snaps under Tom Ugly’s bridge.


Month In Review: April 2015

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The fourth month of 2015 has crept past, and we are already deep into May. I guess it is as good a time as ever to share the pictures from April. On the positive side of things, despite my inability to post regularly, the 365 Project is still going well.

As always, click through for larger and more.