Month In Review: November 2014

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Another month has flown past and it has been a rather poor one photographically with very little work to share but I did manage to keep the 365 Project running despite struggling to post.

As per usual I will be taking time off at the end of the year. With some planned travel I will be starting my break early with the small possibility of an update late in the month but if not I will be back some time in January.

Finally some pictures to share, as always click through for larger and to explore the rest of the images.


Film: Portra 160NC with the Konica Hexar RF

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No apologies, life has caught up, but I am back with another entry. This time it is film. Expired, extinct film shot with a classic that should have been continued. We all hate seeing a good camera or a good film being discontinued, but for those who are lucky enough to have access we should always treasure the experience. The Hexar RF is in many ways what the Leica M system could have evolved to, and in my opinion it is probably the 2nd best M-body available (after the M3) and I have used pretty much every M-body available (M3, M4, M6, M7, MP, M8, M9, M240, Bessa and the Ikon). I would very much love to own this camera, but for now I can only enjoy it whilst I have it on loan from a good friend who is lucky enough to own both the Hexar RF and one of those brilliant Hexanon-M 50mm f/2 lenses. I did not shoot this roll of film with the Hexanon but instead I used my Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2 (Version 5) and my Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f/5.6.


Month In Review: October 2014

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Time is really flying away this year, another month has slipped away and with it not many standout memories. However, looking back on the miscellaneous images that have been captured there is another story to tell.


Just to add there was another addition to the kit bag, the mighty Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical II.


Gardens and Missing Guns

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I have to apologise (I do seem to be doing this a bit) but it has been a few weeks since my last update. However I am bringing a few small sets of images with this update.

First up there is a set from Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens, these were taken with my trusty little Nikon J1.


Then there is last weekend’s trip down to Port Kembla and Hill 60, also known as the Illawora Battery. The guns were missing but the tunnels did provide some fun with the Sony A7 and my new Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical II.


Month in Review: September 2014

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Another month has flown past and with it has been a good collection of random images. Yes the 365 Project is still going strong.


Film and Waterfalls

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I have to admit that I have been rather lazy about updating recently. Life has caught up and I think it will continue to catch up with me over the next year or so. However the delay means there is a lot to share, so much so that I am just going to start dumping photos.

I revisited Empress Falls in the Blue Mountains to road test my new-to-me Minolta Maxxum AF 17-35mm f/2.8-4D. This resulted in long exposures, the big stopper and some interesting challenges with the Sony A7.

Next I have a bunch of film to share, and a large amount of it. I have been saving up my film to develop in a large batch and now that it is all back I am sharing it in one batch

First up there is some Kodak Ektar 100 taken with my Fuji Klasse W.


Then there was some more Kodak Ektar 100 taken with my Olympus Mju II whilst up north at Nelson Bay.

Followed by some Fuji Pro 400H captured using my Hasselblad 503CX, also from the Nelson Bay trip.


Finally, the last roll of film that I have managed to sit down to process is a roll of Fuji Neopan 400, one that has been in the Natura Classica for a little while and contains images from a variety of locations.