Month In Review: October 2015

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Another month has flown past, and it feels like I have been rather inactive when it comes to photography with few updates and just as few oppotunities to get out and photograph. Despite the lack of photographic action the 365 Project is still ticking over. As per usual here are some images taken during the course of the month.

As always, click through to see larger and to explore the rest of the set.


Early Morning Mist

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Belated post, but better than never. Just a short one to share some images from a day out that didn’t quiet go to plan. We had planned to get up to the Blue Mountains before dawn to catch the sunrise. A delayed start meant that we missed daybreak by a few minutes, but this did not stop up from enjoying the early morning sun. It quickly went down hill from that point on with some car troubles that effectively wrote off the rest of the day. There were a few consolation astro shots late in the evening before the moon rise.


As always, click through for larger and to view the rest of the images.

Month In Review: September 2015

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Another month has flown past so here is the usual post of the miscellaneous images taken in the process of completing my 365 Project.  As always this is a mix of the good/bad/ugly taken with various cameras and lenses have been used and if you click through you will find larger and more images to view.


Gordon Falls and Kings Tableland – September Outings

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Although I have not been posting recently that is not to say that I have not been taking photos. Whilst I have been away from the computer I have had two trips up into the Blue Mountains and have brought back a small collection of images.

The first set is a very small one from Gordon Falls, taken with the Sony SLT-A65V and a combination of the SAL1680Z and SAL30M28.


The second trip was out to Kings Tableland, taking a short trail that I have never visited before, but it was worth the walk. The Sony ILCE-7 did the work in conjuntion with my CV12/5.6, CV35/2.5 and M-Rokkor 90/4.


As always click through to see larger and explore the rest of the set.


Sunrise: Cronulla, Early Morning Light

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Last weekend I managed to sneak off to meet up with a friend down  in Cronulla in an almost feeble attempt to catch the sunrise. Although the skies were relatively clear, there was a bank of cloud on the horizon. As a result we were treated to extended pre-sunrise light but a very small window to catch the sun climb over the clouds.

The Sony A7 did the duties, combined with the SEL35F28Z, LA-EA4 + Minolta Maxxum 17-35mm f/2.8-4 and Novoflex NIK-NEX + Tamron SP 90mm f/2.5 Adaptall-2. As always, click through for larger and to check out the rest of the set.


Month In Review: August 2015

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Another month has passed, life is still just as busy but I am still taking photos. If forced to make a decision I would definitely prefer to be about and about with a camera than behind a computer editing. This means I am currently sitting on a lot of undeveloped film from the last year or so and hoping that when I finally get around to having it all developed I am able to get the scans cleaned as quickly as possible with the minimum effort. I love film but the workload makes it difficult to process and edit in a timely fashion.

Enough complaining, I should have some film posted soon, but in the mean time here are some miscellaneous images taken during August for the 365Project. The bulk of these images have been shot with my Sony A7 and my Nikon J1. As always click though for larger and to see the rest of the images.