Goulburn and Sublime Point – June 2016

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Just a quick share of some images taken whilst on a photo outing with some friends. It was a late start to the day but we made the most of it. We headed out to Goulburn in search of some images and came back via the Blue Mountains, stopping in the cold for an attempt at some astrophotography.

The Nikon D700 had the honours on this trip and it certainly did not disappoint.

As always click through for larger and more images.


Centennial Vineyards May 2016

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Taking a break from the horrors of working a rolling seven days meant I was able to head south and enjoy a day out with my partner. On her request we visited Centennial Vineyards, primarily to have a nice lunch at the exceptional restaurant (watch for the food shots) and to try to catch some late Autumn colour around the vineyard. The day did not start well with a rather wet and gloomy drive south, but it did dry up and I did manage to get a few images on my Sony A7 using some my Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm f/2.5 and Minolta M-Rokkor 90mm f/4, but adapted using a Voigtlander Close LM Focus adapter.

I also took my Fuji TX-1 (aka Xpan) so there should be some film images coming eventually, the film backlog is growing but time is scarce.


Sunrise: Botany Bay May 2016

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Another sunrise session, definitely aided by the late sunrises of the oncoming winter. This shoot was actually in support of a Kudos Cameras who are suppliers of some great gear (Domke, Billingham, Roeckl Photo, Miops, Jobo, Tiffen, Deadcameras, Tie Her Up and FLM) as well as stocking some great used gear.

I managed to sneak off and take advantage of the light to capture a few images on my Sony A7, using my Voigtlander and Nikkor primes mounted with a Novoflex adapter. There was also some BigStopper ND10 action.


Wings Over Illawarra 2015

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It has been a few years since I have managed to attend this event, and I was not disappointed as this year a Spitfire HF VIII made an appearance, flying up from the Temora collection. Sadly the other head line act, the Focke Wulf 190 did not make it, being grounded in Armidale with canopy issues.

This is a big album so I am only going to post a few images here, make sure you click through for more. The cameras that did the heavy lifting were my Nikon D300 and Nikon D700 using the combination of the Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 and Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR + TC-14EII. It is occaisions like this that remind me why I love my Nikon kit so much. The setup did not miss a beat and there were very few instances where the focus was missed (it actually made culling difficult).


Sneaky Sunrise: St George May 2015

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I managed to get out over the weekend for a quick sunrise. Thankfully there are a few interesting locations near me that do not require a long drive and with the current sunrise times it is somewhat easy to sneak out to watch the sun rise over the horizon. On this particular trip I ventured to a location that a friend mentioned. Unfortunately, the decking is not in great shape and although boards have been laid over the jetty, care must be taken. Gorgeous colours but no direct line of sight of the sun, nor many clouds in the sky has resulted in some interesting images. You make the most of what you have to work with.

In case anyone is interested the images were taken on my Sony A7 with a Novoflex NIK-NEX adapter. The lenses in the bag that day were my Voigtlander 20/40/58 trio and a Nikon Series E 28mm f/2. A few of the shots were taken using my B+W ND 10. Stability provided by my Manfrotto 055ProB + RRS BH-40LR mating to my RRS L-Bracket.


CBD Wanderings April 2016

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Another quick update with some pictures. I have to admit that 2016 has been, photographically, a very quiet year for me so far, so much so that I was considering discontinuing this blog series due to time constraints and a lack of content. However I will continuing to share images for the time being.

These images were taken on an April evening with my trusty Sony A7 with a variety of Voigtlander lenses that have been adapted with a Novoflex NIK-NEX adapter. The Zenitar 16mm fisheye also makes an appearance.

Living in Sydney  it is easy to forget that there are photo opportunities all around us. We walk past and take for granted many parts of our city that outsiders stop and photograph. Every so often I will take a stroll and pretend to be a tourist, these images are from one such occasion.