Month In Review: November 2016

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I just realised that I have not had a chance to post my usual month in review post. So only a few words and here are some pictures.


Empress Falls and Mahon Pool, November 2016

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Double post, two small sets that I thought were better to share together.

First up there was a trip out to Empress Falls in the Blue Mountains. This stroll down into the valley really highlighted just how unfit I have become. It was wet, slippery and steep. Carrying the D700 didn’t help. But the pictures were worth it.


The second set come from an after dark expedition to Mahon Pool near Coogee and Maroubra. Some long exposure stuff.


Sculptures By The Sea, November 2016

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It was that time of year again when they bring together a bunch of sculptures and place them along the walk between Bondi and Coogee. I only managed one outing this year and a few images. Most of my images turned out to be around the cliff top and the colours of the setting sun. Better to share than not.

The Nikon D700 did the hard work.


Month In Review: October 2016

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Another month has flown past and even November has gone by. Catching up now. Here are some images taken over October, as per always these are just the random images taken in the process of completing my 365 Project.

Click through for more.


Bowral in IR, October 2016

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Just thought I would share some images taken in the Southern Highlands. For those who didn’t realise or don’t know, it is wine country and there are plenty of nice wineries to visit.

Most of these were taken with my Nikon D80IR and Nikkor 16-85mm VR. There are also a few images taken with the trusty Nikon J1.


Month in Review: September 2016

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Another month flew past, and there were some images taken. Life has been pretty busy so I will be brief with words. Enjoy the pictures, as always these may have featured on my 365 Project or may be spares.